Dog Leash Training

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A leash is going to be an integral part of almost every dog and dog owner’s life. A dog will spend countless hours on the end of a leash and this time should be a happy, positive time for both the dog and the walker to be together. The goal of this article is to teach every dog owner how to make leash walking a pleasure. The article will guide you through the steps of selecting and choosing the proper leash for your pet and then will show you great methods of introducing your animal to the leash. It will also teach how to train the animal to want to be beside you. Your pet will no longer be pulling and straining to get a ahead of you and you will no longer be dragged down the road by your pet.

The document will also show you how to correct many the annoying and frustrating habits that a dog may exhibit. This includes things like biting and attacking the leash and refusing to walk. By the end of the report you will know how to get every member of the family involved in the leash training process and you will be able to show them how to control and handle the animal while they take the dog our for his daily exercise. Leash walking should be a fun time for both the dog and the handler. This article will give you all the information needed so that you can ensure that you have an obedient, happy, leash walking dog.

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