Ebay Power Report

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INTRODUCING THE SIMPLE ONE STEP TO EBAY RICHES TECHNIQUE! Congratulations on obtaining this very powerful report. The one step technique that you are about to discover is a highly unknown, yet incredibly powerful way of making far more sales, getting more bids and building a highly targeted customer list…all rolled into one. If you put it into practice you will see some startling results. THE TECHNIQUE – OFFER A HIGHLY TARGETED “INFORMATION PRODUCT” AS A FREE GIFT That’s all you have to do. Offer a “free gift” that is highly complimentary to your product that would be of huge interest to your potential bidders.

Why does this work so well? Because you’re offering something that is of high perceived value to the bidder (maybe even higher than the price of the actual product) completely free. How could the bidder not take it up? He’s looked at other auctions in your category – some even selling the exact same product but only yours offers this unique information product that comes along with the purchase. Suddenly he wants the info-product almost more than he wants the actual product (I have had emails from customers who have told me the only reason they bid for the product was the infoproduct that came with the auction!). Let’s take a look at a simple example: Dave_Beckham99 sells gardening tools as part of his eBay portfolio. Like all other sellers he has so-so sales. Sometimes he finds a buyer, sometimes he doesn’t. Then Dave thinks “hmm, what can I do to make my gardening tools sell like hot-cakes?

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