Juice as Medicine

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We define 100% juice therapy as having no processed dextrose sugarsuch as with cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and other synthesized or commercially processed sugar. The natural sugars have been shown to be effective and this collection of studies and references show the success of 100% juice therapy. The negative studies have all been done on fruit drinks with dextrose sugars. Juice therapy involves the consumption of the juice of raw fruit or vegetables. A person may drink juice preventively to stay healthy, to treat a medical condition like cancer, or to produce a certain outcome, such as strengthening the immune system. Three widely practiced juice therapies differ primarily in the amount of time that a person is involved in the therapy and whether other items are included in the person’s diet. In this book we explore the recent research on 100% natural juice therapies.

For some people, adding fresh juice to their daily meal plan is sufficient. Others will embark on a juice fast for several days to cleanse their systems. Juice is also a major component of the Gerson therapy diet that is used to treat cancer. This therapy usually starts with a stay of three to eight weeks in a clinic. Then therapy continues at home and may continue for years.

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