Classic Italian Cooking Book 2010

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Superb flavor and simplicity are the best words to describe Antonietta’s 2010 Classic Italian Cooking Recipe Book. The flavors of Italy include famous ingredients like Parmigiano-Reggiano, Romano and Mascarpone cheeses, Marsala wine, proscuitto, capicollo and extra-virgin olive oil. They include herbs like basil, rosemary, oregano and garlic. As you read through Antonietta’s recipes, the flavors and combinations of flavors stay in your mind. You can almost taste them. Antonietta has taken great classic Italian recipes and used her skill as a chef to simplify them for home cooks. Her chapter on the basic sauces provides the foundation for many recipes. With these basics on hand, many of the recipes can be ready to eat in 20 to 30 minutes or less.

Building on her heritage of generations of great Italian cooks, Antonietta trained in Rome and in Switzerland as a professional chef. Her Calgary restaurant Osteria de Medici, has become famous with an internationl clientele for the outstanding quality of its cuisine. This striving for excellent quality and attention to detail are evident in her recipes. It takes an outstanding chef to unravel the mysteries of culinary artistry. Antonietta has created a cookbook that can help new cooks become accomplished, and stimulate the inventive desires of accomplished cooks. Many of these recipes will be reassuringly familiar to anyone who loves Italian food, many will be temptingly new. Antonietta’s 2010 Classic Italian Cooking Recipe Book is itself a classic, a cookbook to be trusted and treasured.

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