Command and Control

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Whether we realize it or not, we are responsible for creating and reshaping our lives. The entire things that become essential parts of our lives and the physical reality are actually first created within our minds from raw materials called thoughts. There’s a very slight difference between mantram and mantra. Both these words are actually taken from a Sanskrit word which means instrument of thought but the difference is that a mantram is an instrument of thought that is vocalized, whereas a mantra is silent.

It is really important to understand your mind and how your mind works. Today, the word subconscious mind is the term that is mostly heard but hardly understood. The work of your subconscious mind is actually to take thought, which serves as the pure energy and provide it with a physical shape within the material world. When you have a thought in your mind, you are issuing a command. Servants will obey through manifesting your thought in your physical world and this will be manifested in the events and things in your life. Thereby, your physical reality and your present life is a mirror of your own thought patterns.